No Deposit Poker Bonus Code

Poker has maintained a great popularity both among players and between experts and beginners The great success of this poker room can be attributed to several factors, such as Poker is competitive in the industry with many interesting tournaments and provide Poker Bonus Code, such as its annual tournament Poker Million, the $ 300,000 guaranteed weekly tournament and many free rolls.

Software and extra features

The Poker software was recently updated, renovating the lobby, but pleasantly unfortunately neglecting the gaming tables, which are rather bare. The software, however, is very fast and reliable and supports up to four tables simultaneously in play.

Party Poker ordered, in fact, all the action buttons in a single area, and players can choose to use color-coded buttons. Additionally, the client has a cursor for the best point and has introduced new features to make the purchase of chips as simple as possible.

A special feature that allows you to stand out at Poker competition is the function of Deal Making. It can be used at the final table of a tournament and is completely optional. All players can agree on the division of the prize, finishing the tournament and dividing the money as they wish.

Before negotiations can begin, all players must agree to discuss the agreement, but without the obligation of having to accept later. Any player may refuse to conclude the agreement and to complete the tournament normally.

Player traffic and competition

Poker has particularly felt the blow dealt by the new law that prohibits American players to attend the online poker room. The location of the site with the highest number of users is now severely threatened by names like Poker Stars and Full Tilt, which continue to accept U.S. players.

Poker is now focusing on Western Europe and Scandinavia, as well as emerging markets like South America and the Far East. The number of players in these areas has grown dramatically since the entry into force of this Law and Poker has increased the promotional activities in these areas. Currently, during rush hour, the average number of active users is 7000 cash tables and 40,000 players in tournaments.

Since the entry into force of the new law, has become much easier to play at Poker than in the past. If the first to register for a Sit & Go competition was fierce, now participate in any tournament is very simple. There is no trace of the old struggle to fill a vacancy, but this led to an inevitable loss of enthusiasm on the site.

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